Friday, February 25, 2011

Wrong Way!

I’m going in the wrong direction. Today was the first time since beginning this journey, that I discovered my scale is going up- instead of down.

I am still counting calories faithfully, but I have been eating too many of the wrong kind of calories and it shows. In recent days, I have wrongly convinced myself that sugar is OK as long as I count and limit the calories. In another lapse of judgment, I stopped paying attention to the fat content in foods.

I need to get back to eating pure unprocessed foods. Eating organic foods like fruits, vegetables and meats is very different from taking in processed or high sugar foods. My attempts to steer clear of processed foods are failing. I started to enjoy too many of the delicious 100 calorie (although processed) foods that lure me into defying my diet rules.

The result of my bad choices is obvious. My forward momentum and progress on this journey has stopped. The worst part is that I am now going in the wrong direction.

I plan to get turned around soon and get back on my way to Thinville.

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