Saturday, February 5, 2011

Drink up!

I'm just not a water drinker. I know we are all encouraged to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but I have trouble trying to gulp down one glass a day.

A new study says that cold drinks help burn more calories than hot drinks. Apparently our bodies work harder to warm things up and in turn we use more energy. The study even went as far as to say that if you sit in a cold bath or exercise in cold weather you will help burn off some extra calories.

I like reallly hot showers, so anything colder than lukewarm will never do for me. Sitting in a cold tub of water sounds like torture to me.

The closest I come to drinking extra water each day is my daily coffee or an evening cup of tea. I hope to improve this water drinking habit and recently found a 'water drinking game' on .

Here are a couple of the game's rules:
OBJECT: Drink all your water!
Drink = Reasonable sip
Kill it = Finish whatever you've got in your bottle/glass

1. Someone calls or emails you. Drink.
2. You let the dog/cat out. Drink.
3. You let the dog/cat in. Drink.
4. The buzzer on the dryer goes off. Drink.
5. You mean to turn off the t.v. but accidently don't and watch an hour of Golden Girls. Kill it.
6. A newscaster says "from Wall Street to Main Street." Drink.
7. You get a call from your kids school. Kill it.

Maybe a cute water bottle or flavored water will help. One way or the other, I hope to drink up. I'll worry about all the trips to the bathroom later...

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