Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Greek to Me- Yogurt, That is.

My health conscious friends at work keep talking about Greek yogurt. I have now discovered for myself why this yogurt is becoming increasingly popular.

It turns out Greek yogurt is is strained to remove the liquid whey, and as a result it is thicker and creamier. Since it is more concentrated, it packs more grams of protein per serving. It's also lower in sugar and carbohydrates, since lactose, a form of sugar present in all dairy products, is removed with the whey.

Greek yogurt makes a great substitute for sour cream. It’s a great base to make healthy salad dressings, sauces, smoothies, yogurt based ice creams, and desserts. It even has less sodium than most other yogurts.

Keep in mind that standard yogurt usually has more calcium than Greek yogurt. The Greek version also may be higher in fat and calories. Check your labels and try going Greek! You may never go back to sour cream or standard yogurt again.

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