Saturday, February 12, 2011

Instantly Slims- Instantly Sells

Today while I was shopping, I stumbled across some really great prices on exercise clothes. As I rummaged through t-shirt after t-shirt hunting for my favorite $5.00 bargains, I found a treasure. It was a shirt marked boldly with a sticker that screamed:
Instantly Slims You!
As you can imagine, I was instantly interested.
I’ve already learned that a little elastic added into a pair of pants goes a long way towards slimming my hips and thighs. My stretch denim jeans conveniently expand and contract with my appetite. Finding shirts that squeeze and flatten the bulges in my mid-section is yet another bonus of expandable fabrics. It’s like getting an instant tummy tuck without the price or the pain.

I long for the day when I do not depend on flexible fabrics to hide my flaws. But until the day I get to Thinville, it sure is nice to know I have clothes that build my confidence. Actually, I will probably continue wearing these flattering elastic fashions even after I get to my goal weight.

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