Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl - Arghh!

Super Bowl Sunday could not exist without salty snack foods, hot cheese dips, sugary sweet treats and calorie-packed beverages. The challenge for those of us trying to resist these temptations is which road to take?

A) Resist cold turkey- no food or drink-and be miserable all night

B) Resist within limits and have small amounts of food and drink - still no fun

C) Stay home and avoid all parties; think about all the food and fun you are missing
D)Just give in and eat whatever you want

There just aren't any good choices on a night like this. Reality reminds me that it will only take a few fried foods, chips, and adult beverages to gain back every pound I have lost in the last month. I don't want to start over again when I have made it this far.

So I remain devoted to my journey. I confess that tonight I had a few more calories than usual, but it could have been worse. I will have to get in some extra exercise this week to get back on track.

Football may mean fantastic feasts, but Thinville means bigger thrills!

I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it.
Mae West

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