Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hilton Head Beach: 3 Months Ahead

This weekend's weather was better than the last. Today the thermometer reached over 70 degrees. I can see summer weather ahead and I am anxious for June, when we will vacation at the beach in Hilton Head, S.C.

I love the beach and all warm weather vacation spots. However in recent years, my enjoyment of all places sunny has been hindered by my appearance insecurities. Let's face it: even the best bathing suit cannot cover up wide hips and a bulging belly. Even the longest shorts do not cover up thick thighs. As a result, I now own multiple pairs of capri length pants instead.

As I dream of warmer weather and sunny beaches, I am resolved to arrive at Hilton Head in a newly remodeled body. The road signs ahead indicate that the beach is just over 3 months in the distance. Staying focussed on the road ahead is important to me.

While Thinville is the ultimate destination, there will be stops along the way. I look forward to taking a small detour to Hilton Head Beach, where I hope to enjoy the surf in a new bathing suit- which will highlight my thinner self.

Surfs up- weight's down!

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