Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I really need a lift. If only someone could pick me up and carry me the rest of the way to Thinville. Some days the road seems too long to endure. Lately, it seems that I am spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.

Encouragement makes the road so much easier to travel. Recently, a friend who I hadn't seen in a while, noticed that I looked a little thinner. Actually, she said my butt looked tiny! She carried me a few miles with that comment!! It was so nice to receive validation that even 10 pounds can make a difference. I am noticing that all my pants are fitting better these days. Additionally, it doesn't seem that my belly sticks out quite as far as it did a month ago (of course, my perspective may be different from that of others). Successful results have a positive impact on my journey and carry me further down the road.

Sometimes discouragement makes me feel like a hitchhiker waiting on the side of the road. For now, I plan to stay on course and keep following my road map-
I just wish I could find some shortcuts!

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