Friday, January 10, 2020

Thinville or Bust

THINVILLE lies in the distant future for all of us. It represents the place we all dare to go to realize our goals and dreams.
The road to Thinville is often long and challenging.  Some individuals will journey many months in their quest to reach the gates of Thinville.  Others may travel for years as they wind through the inevitable hills and valleys they will encounter along the way. Distractions and temptations lurk around every corner.  Discouragement must be met with perseverance.  The strong of heart realize that perseverance leads to success and triumph. Determined champions will keep marching onward, refusing to give up or return to their days in ‘Thickertown’.
Travelers choose many routes to Thinville.  Some walk the entire road. They pace themselves and discipline their days. They know that each small step counts and gets them closer to their destination.  Others run to Thinville. They give it their all right from the beginning. They may get up early in the day to start each day’s journey. They often use more energy and arrive sooner. Still others try to take the bus to Thinville, but the bus will only go so far. Eventually all riders have to get out and navigate the route on their own.  Regardless of the method each traveler chooses, the journey to Thinville must come from deep in the heart and soul of each individual.
Many who choose to make this journey will invite travel companions. Encouragement and accountability for each day’s journey are helped with the assistance of a friend who motivates the spirit when courage is lacking.
The trip to Thinville will become an adventure for many pioneers. The uphill climbs will seem endless and some participants will want to give up. But reaching the top of every mountain means receiving a spectacular view of the road ahead. The next mountaintop challenge will not seem as daunting or overwhelming. AND every uphill climb has a downhill reward on the other side!
Many will choose to travel to Thinville, but only few will enter. Travelers near and far long to settle down and make Thinville their hometown.
 What the heart desires, it can achieve.
 Join me as we each blaze a path to Thinville, where everyone carries cute purses and wears cute shoes.