Friday, January 28, 2011

A Willpower Win

Today I successfully dodged multiple food temptations. I am a school teacher and this morning we celebrated a birthday in our classroom. Birthday treats almost always consist of sugar filled cookies or cakes. Today it was chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

The birthday boy passed out his tempting treats and I contemplated my next move. Would I succumb to the offer of a sugary sweet energy high? Could I watch all my students chomp into blue and pink icing covered cupcakes and sit idly by? To my delight, I successfully resisted the allure of the colorful little cakes.

Not long after lunch, the school office buzzed my classroom to remind me that today was our class pizza party. Our class was going to be rewarded for donating the most items during the Christmas food drive. I watched as each student walked up to the pizza table and chose from cheese or pepperoni. Again, I pondered my commitment to a smaller waistline. Once again, I managed to stand firm in my resolve.

I laughed when I joined the other 3rd grade teachers at recess afterwards and they immediately asked if I had survived the pepperoni’s appeal. As I shared my ‘willpower win’ with them, I realized that I truly am serious about this journey to Thinville.

I don’t know if I can keep up this momentum, but today I realized how much I want to make this dream a reality.
Thinville or Bust!

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