Friday, January 14, 2011

The New Man in My Life

The new man in my life is not my usual type.
He is a little old fashioned and definitely has no sense of style. A year ago I wouldn’t have given him the time of day. But things have changed and this new man has given me a fresh perspective on life. He encourages me to make healthy decisions for myself and I am taking his advice. When I start off my morning with him, the whole day seems to go better. On a cold winter day, he makes me feel all warm inside. The truth is that I really enjoy him.
Yes, that man is Mr. Quaker Oats and he is my new breakfast date. We met again this morning and it was pure bliss. We invited honey, walnuts and raisins to join us and our tasty time together was delightful.

Substituting healthier, high fiber foods for what I used to eat is actually easier than I thought. I am really not hungry and I don’t feel like I am giving up much at all.
I admit that it took time and planning to find foods I liked that were also good choices. However in one shopping trip, I was able to get started. I’ve tried some new foods and to be honest, some work for me and some don’t.  Every day I am trying to find the next healthy food that will keep my taste buds happy.
Today was one of those days when I realized that oatmeal works.  Mr. Quaker is definitely a match for me. Tomorrow, he and I plan to invite banana to join us for breakfast. Color me happy!

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