Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beware the Birthday Cake!

I knew it was coming. My comfortable 'no sugar bubble' finally popped.  My 3 weeks of avoiding all sugar encounters and difficult temptations has ended.

Today things changed when my son asked me to bake him a birthday cake for his 17th birthday. He wants his favorite yellow cake with chocolate icing. We won't be cutting the cake until tomorrow, but my anxiety is already on the rise. How am I going to handle this?

I have to confess that there is no way I am not having a taste of that cake. The question is: Will I stop at a taste or will I go for the usual portion? I can't tell you what the outcome will be,  but the cake isn't the worst of it.

Before we celebrate with cake, we are going out for dinner! The restaurant we are going to is a Japanese Hibachi setup. I know from experience that there will be lots of yummy food cooking and flying around while we are dining. The ongoing question remains: Will I stop at small portions or will I be tempted to eat all that is in front of me?
Reality has arrived and I have hit the first true fork in the road on my journey to Thinville. Will I take the road less traveled or will I follow the bread crumb path? Wish me luck!

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