Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Trails

Trail Mix is everywhere. I see it in grocery stores and department stores. The varieties are endless. The prbolem is that I don't always like everything that is prepackaged AND sometimes I find that the store bought trail mixes are expensive.

Solution: I now package (or should I say 'baggie') my own trail mix snacks. In so doing, I can choose foods I like and limit the salt or sugar that I include.

The simplest version of my personal trail mix is walnuts, almonds and raisins. I manage to avoid salt and contribute to omega 3 good cholesterol at the same time. My heart might even get healthy.

You can even add M&M's to your personal trail mix when you need a sweet fix or you can add some of your favorite items like sunflower seeds and other nuts. Not sure what to include? Just go to the store and buy a sample of a trail mix that looks good.

Trail mix is great when you want a crunchy snack, but don't want to go to the chip bags. I keep a bag of mix in my purse and one in my desk at work. There is a container on the kitchen counter now too. A quick handful satisfies my snacking urges day or night.

We can all keep finding new ways to enjoy the trail to Thinville. After all,
trail mix got its name because it is a perfect snack to take along the trail!
Happy Trails.

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