Monday, January 17, 2011

Milestone Markers

Today I decided to set my first short term weight loss goal. When I reach mile marker 165 (as in 165 pounds), I will have arrived at a milestone I haven’t seen in years.
My beginning weight as I set out for Thinville was 178 pounds. I have managed to fluctuate in the 170’s for quite a while.  However, I haven’t gone beyond 170 to the stretch of road beginnng at 169 in a long time.  I want to enjoy the sights and sounds along that route.  It will take a little extra to push me beyond mile marker 170, but I know I can make the effort and do it.
So the next question is, “How will I celebrate my first milestone achievement?” I’ve already decided on an oatmeal cookie party for myself. I plan to treat myself to 3 Archway Oatmeal cookies. They are 110 calories each and one of my favorite treats.
How and when I decide to eat them is part of the fun of planning my party. I may eat all 3 in one sitting or I may divide them up throughout the day. I may dunk them in a cold glass of milk or I might enjoy them with a cup of tea. I may even make a triple decker oatmeal tower and stick a birthday candle in the top. The possibilities are endless and the celebration makes the goal all the more worthwhile!
This journey IS a celebration and we all need to build in milestone markers along the way.  Who knows what my next goal will be or when I will reach it. For now, I have this attainable goal in front of me and cookies waiting on the other side.
Save up some pleasurable moments on your way to Thinville.  :)

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