Sunday, January 30, 2011

Look Ahead!

Tomorrow will be better than today. This is the basic belief that keeps each of us moving towards our goals with expectation.

Today at church, there was a message about joy. I’m sure different people gained different insights from the message. I came away knowing that my joy comes from believing that tomorrow offers more happiness than today.

My perspective on the world has always been that the cup is half full. I’ve always looked ahead with dreams and visions of what the future might bring. Each of us who seeks to eat healthier and more sensibly does so in the hopes that we will ultimately feel and look better. We have to believe that our efforts will lead to success.

This is my shout out to all travelers on the road to Thinville:

Your joy and happiness will be even greater tomorrow and the next day and the day after. Believe in your future dreams and look ahead with anticipation!!

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