Saturday, January 22, 2011

Have your Cake and Eat it too!

Today I discovered guilt free cake recipes! That HungryGirl on the Cooking Channel is quickly becoming my new BFF! She keeps me going these days.

Today she told me about the most wonderful chocolate cupcake (or cake) recipe ever. I suppose she may have been speaking to other people, but it seemed like she was just talking to me. I was hooked as soon as I flipped to the Cooking Channel and saw her dump a box of devils food cake mix into a bowl. After that she simply added a 15 oz. can of pure pumpkin and stirred. Only two, yes two ingredients! And once baked, the calorie count for one cupcake (without icing) is only 180!!! I haven't tried these yet, but they looked extra fudgy and chocolately good when she was taking a bite.The Hungry Girl website has lots of good healthy food recipes.

Some coworkers also told me about a Weight Watcher tip for guilt free cakes that is similar and easier. Their tip is to mix a boxed cake with a can of ANY diet soda (Coke, 7up, etc.) Same deal: Don't add anything else. I did try a version of this cake and it was yummy. You can try flavored carbonated sodas for added variety. has lots of good input from others who have tried variations with mixed results.
Here's some suggested variations I found on
Suggested Combinations: yellow cake mix and diet lemon-lime soda (with a dollop of Cool Whip -- tastes like a "Twinkie"); orange cake with diet Mountain Dew; diet lemon-lime soda with lemon cake; chocolate cake with Diet cola; devils food or chocolate with diet vanilla coke or diet cherry coke. I would recommend experimenting with different ideas. Many of the blogs I looked through had varying results- both good and bad.

Fat Free Cool Whip can be added for icing and 2T only have 15 calories. If you want more flavor, you can add a small box of fat free/sugar free pudding mix to the Cool Whip also. We all want a sweet treat along the way and I am all for the unguilty pleasures!
Bake, eat and enjoy!

Color me happy!! :)

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