Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easy Menu add ons!

I am intrigued by The Hungry Girl's show on the Cooking Channel: Her tips are easy and delicious, and a great help to me on my current journey to Thinville!

I am particularly excited about her ideas for adding foods to frozen entrees so that they aren't such teensy portions. I plan to use her ideas for adding to the likes of Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice meals with broccoli, scallions, mushrooms and sugar snap peas. The best part is that all those foods add bulk without all the extra calories. This is a pattern I want to learn to put into practice in all my cooking now.

It is so easy to add delicious vegetables to entrees and casseroles. There are so many delicious vegetables to choose from and everyone can find something they like. Again, it means planning and shopping- so add produce to your list and make it fun!

Stay determined friends. Thinville is almost within sight.

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