Thursday, January 13, 2011

Healthy Shelf

I am trying to keep up with all the good tips for staying on course to Thinville. Today, I began the healthy shelf plan. Since we are much more likely to eat what we see in front of us, I decided to designate my own healthy shelf in the fridge.
Today I released my veggies from captivity. Most of us keep fruits and vegetables tucked away in the drawers of our refrigerators where we don’t see them very often. Mine are now prominently featured on their own shelf. I cut my celery and bagged my carrots. I even spread some Laughing Cow cheese on some celery sticks so they are ready to grab in a pinch. My hard boiled eggs and olives are now in bowls.  In fact, I have moved ALL my favorite snacks to one shelf and I am committed to keeping that shelf stocked with the good stuff.
I also decided to put my nonperishable snacks in view on my kitchen counters. From now on the bananas and trail mix are always in view and the cookies and candy are hidden away in the pantry.
I know I will still see those other foods lurking nearby inviting me to join them, but for now I plan to keep my sights on the good stuff. This is my own version of the seafood diet: See foods and eat them (if they're on the good shelf).
If you can make the trip easier, do it!

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