Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Traveler's Poem

There once was a woman
from Spring Hill,
Who set out on a course
To find Thinville.

She ate less and less,
tried to decrease her stress,
and discovered the pathway
to true happiness.

She learned that the journey was daunting
Thinville often seemed far, far away
The path was uphill and uncharted
So easy to detour astray.

But onward the woman did travel,
The end of her journey in sight.
She followed the road map to Thinville
And her waist reappeared overnight.

Her body began to trim down.
No longer did she wear a frown.
From morning to night
She was a new sight,
And she worked it all over the town.

She continues her journey to Thinville
Determined to stay on the road.
When it comes to the calories and cookies
The traveler must lighten her load.

And now as she looks to the future,
She knows in herself she must trust,
There’s certainly no turning back now-
Cause it’s either Thinville or Bust!

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