Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lessons About Exercise DVDs

I have purchased my fair share of home fitness DVDs and have recorded exercise programs straight from the T.V. as well. The T.V. screen speaks to us daily, but it doesn’t always motivate us to get up off our feet and moving.

Here’s what I have learned about exercising in front of the T.V. screen:

1. Exercise requires discipline.
Any form of physical exercise requires motivation and effort. Whether you get up and go to the gym or get up and move furniture in your living room, you just need to do it.

2. Some DVDs work for home exercise and some just don’t.
• The first exercise tapes (yes, I said tapes) I ever purchased were Tae Bo tapes with Billy Blank. They had enough variety to appeal to me and the boxing moves were unique enough to keep my interest. I actually used those tapes frequently and even go back to them occasionally today.
• The DVDs that do NOT transfer to living room exercise include the likes of Zumba. Something about dancing and whooping it up by yourself in your living room just doesn’t work. Zumba is a group workout. Part of the fun of the Zumba Zoo is squealing along with other dance-crazed individuals. Another DVD theme that just doesn’t work in my living room is a Walking Workout. I was recently given a Walking DVD as a gift and found it to be boring with a capital B. I love to get outside and walk and I just can’t figure out why I would want to march in place in my living room instead.

3. The instructors leading the DVDs should be in AWESOME physical shape.
If I am being led by individuals who look as out of shape as me, I wonder how effective the workout is. The same is true when I go to aerobics classes. If the teacher in the class isn’t in fantastic shape (and I know SHE is doing the workout 4-5 days a week), I question the results I can expect. If you are a trainer, aerobics instructor or DVD coach, your personal fitness sells your product and/or services. Motivate me by example!

4. Some homes accomodate exercising in front of the T.V. better than others.
I have always had to move furniture in order to exercise at home. None of my living rooms have ever been easily transformed into workout areas. Some people are blessed to have basements or rooms devoted to working out. Others require some challenges finding the space you need. But in most cases, there ARE ways to accommodate your spacial needs.

5. Children and pets can create challenges.
When my children were small, they always saw my exercise time as fun time for them. Almost every DVD or T.V. fitness show includes high energy music, which every child loves. Additionally, there are few children who don’t want to try leg lifts or arm stretches for themselves when they see mommy doing it. Pets can often get worked up by the music and activity levels too. Unless your pet is used to seeing you moving all over the living room, you may find that Fido thinks it is playtime too.

Every ‘at home’ exercise program is going to have challenges. Getting up and getting started is the key.
Speaking of: Time for me to put on my walking shoes and head outside for a long walk.

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