Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Calories vs. Bad

Calorie counters have many opinions about the types of calories they consume.

Some individuals focus only on the amount of calories they take in at each meal. Others choose the quality of the calories contained in their foods. What counts is keeping track of what you eat and how much food you eat. However, deciding what types of calories you eat CAN make a difference.

Many of the foods that we bring into our kitchens are processed. Processed foods last longer. They are more convenient to store and eat for busy families who are often on the go. BUT staying away from processed foods is a smart decision. Not only are highly processed foods low in nutrition, they don’t satisfy hunger. There is a reason ‘nobody can eat just one’ potato chip or cheese curl. Processed foods also have large amounts of added salt, sugar and fat in order to compensate for the taste that is lost during the refining process.

Natural foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains are absorbed slowly in our bodies and satisfy our feelings of hunger. Foods in their most natural state also have the highest nutrient and fiber contents. Apple or orange juices without pulp have less fiber and nutritional value than in pure juice form. Boiled vegetables have less vitamins than those eaten in raw or steamed form.

If you want to increase your weight loss potential, pay attention to the quality of the calories you eat. Eating less salt, sugar and fat is always wise. Natural foods always benefit our bodies most.

All foods are not created equal. Go natural!

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