Monday, March 14, 2011

Find Your Own Way...

Tonight I read yet another weight loss plan in a fitness magazine. I’ve read tons of weekly menu plans, and I usually decide that most plans are not for me. Most of the time, I survey all the food ideas to find some recipes or snacks that might be worth putting into my own weekly diet plan. I rarely find an entire week’s worth of daily menus that I can follow rigidly.

The same is true of exercise routines. There seem to be endless supplies of step by step instructions for calorie burning. There are walking and running schedules, weight training guides and even instructional photos showing the best 10 minute exercises for toning and firming.

I know that it seems easy to have a pre-arranged plan for eating or exercising, but that is not always the case. I like variety. I get bored easily and just can’t follow a rigid routine. Instead, I have learned to find new foods and exercise tips each week. Every day is a little different and the key is to stay within my calorie limits.

If I had a weight trainer or a chef who could keep me accountable, things would be different. But in my world, I have to work, manage my family AND find creative ways to lose weight and stay on course.

For most of my life I have been a planner. I set goals, make lists and plan for tomorrow. This journey has been about planning with flexibility. Boundaries are always necessary, but everyone likes to have choices within their boundaries. My preferences aren’t always what the magazines or weight instructors recommend- so I have learned to chart my own path.

With a small amount of discipline and the right limitations, I am finding that my ways aren’t all that bad.

Find you own way and then stay on the road.

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