Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Before and After Stories

I love to hear success stories and see before and after pictures of people who have lost weight.

Today I found many weight loss success stories on .

I love Jennifer's story (pictured here) because I can relate to her weight. It started in the same range as mine. She was 180 and I was near it. She ended up at 135 and I would LOVE to end up there too! She is much younger than me, but nothing is impossible these days- even for a 50 year old.

Jennifer did not describe her turning point, but I know mine happened when I realized that I never wanted to see 180 lbs.- and I was close. For me, I couldn't keep heading in the direction that led to more unhappiness. I had many things happening in my life, and I wanted some control back.

I like success stories because they demonstrate that we can all achieve our goals, no matter where we are or how impossible the goals seem. When I read success stories, I like finding out what each individual did to stay on track during their journey. Most people have tips from their own experiences about exercise, food, or what kept them going.

I hope to eventually have a kick butt after picture one day too. Maybe somebody else will be motivated by my experience too.

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