Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fattest States

CalorieLab.com announced recently the results of their Fattest States analysis. They ranked the 'most overweight' states in the U.S. and the percentages of obese adults in each of the 50 states as averaged over a 3 year period.

Although the results ranked the most obese states, I found the obesity of our entire country to be of greater concern. A three year average obesity rate was used and only one state, Colorado, was less than 20% overweight. Over half of all states are more than 25% overweight and nine states have obese populations of over 30 percent. In most states, at least 1 out of every 4 people were determined to be obese during the three year averaging period.

Our country eats a lot and we eat what is convenient. Many of us are too busy to cook or even shop for good foods. As a result, we have learned to rely on fast foods that we can eat on the run. Our snack foods are mostly processed and most of our children would eat junk food every day if we allowed it.

For those of us who grew up spending most of our days outside, times have changed. We are lured indoors by the temptations of cable T.V., computers and video games. Our children are mesmerized by every square screen they encounter. Bike rides and hikes have become special events. It is no wonder that many of our states are actually increasing their average obesity rates.

It is time for change. Many of us want to change our eating and exercise habits - and we can!

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