Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Illusion of Thin

Since losing a few pounds, I have discovered that much of my clothing fits more loosely. There is great comfort (literally) in wearing clothes that no longer restrict my breathing.

I am starting to feel like I actually fit into my own skin again. I was uncomfortable for so long that now I truly appreciate having to pull up my pants now and then.

There are many advantages to wearing clothes that hang loosely from my frame. Today, I started to actually imagine a state of thinness in my mind. I put on a pair of drawstring pants before taking a long walk. The pants were delightfully loose and comfortable. I realized as I walked through my sunny neighborhood, listening to my IPOD, that wearing those pants made me feel thin.

We should all have moments where we feel slim and trim. Today I had one of those moments and it was delightful.
I think I may just put those drawstring pants on again tomorrow.

Feel Thin! Be Thin!

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