Saturday, April 9, 2011

Accessories Make the Woman

Every woman knows that accessories are a necessary part of everything we do. We need accessories to complete our wardrobes, to design our homes, and even to add finishing touches to our hair styles. We carry purses in every color, buy endless pairs of shoes and have jewelry for every outfit.
The fact is: Women are born to accessorize.

Recently, I found a new accessory for my travel bag to Thinville.

I bought myself an insulated drink tumbler. Perhaps some people will consider a plastic cup to be an absurd accessory for a weight loss journey. Still, the sturdy plastic cup has given me the motivation I needed to drink more water. I am happily more hydrated and delighted to carry around my flowery new cup.
Goodbye, boring water bottles. Hello,cute cup!

It’s funny how adding certain items to a diet and exercise regimen can motivate us towards our goals. Going to the gym is difficult for me. The worst part is trying not to draw unnecessary attention to myself when I am surrounded by so many attractive hard bodies. To help restore my confidence, I purchased some flattering workout clothes. Wearing clothing accessories that help me overcome feeling too self-conscious has helped me stay on the road to Thinville too.

During this journey, I also purchased a pedometer to count my steps and a weight ball to tone my muscles. I hope to maximize my use of every item.

Every little accessory, even a simple drinking cup, can motivate individuals towards their goals. What accessories are you finding most helpful on your journey?

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