Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bathing Suit Bonanza

Today I ventured out into the unknown.

Courageously, I set out into a sea of spandex and stretch fabrics in search of the perfect swimsuit. I admit I was apprehensive as I searched through the endless maze of bikinis, tankinis and slimsuits. It has been many years since I tried to squeeze my body into any type of swimwear. After multiple trips to the dressing room, I settled on a two piece tankini. The top covered my stomach well and the bottoms fit comfortably. A sale was secured.

During my fitting room escapades, I was very happy to discover that I actually fit into a size smaller than I anticipated. The biggest challenge I faced was not the bathing suit itself, but the parts of my body that the suit did NOT cover up- like my thighs. Sadly no matter how flattering a bathing suit may be, it just doesn’t cover up middle age jiggles and spider veins.

I soon realized that it was equally important for me to find a beach cover-up. I changed the focus of my shopping spree to finding a cute and concealing cover-up. I eventually opted for a shorts/shirt combo, knowing in my heart that the shorts would provide a little extra protection against my insecurities when necessary.

And now I ready myself for the final test: wearing the new bathing suit in PUBLIC.

Not to worry. I will once again claim the childhood motto I’ve learned to use in all embarrassing situations:
I don’t know these people and I’ll never see them again.
Works every time.

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